Note that these opportunities are subject to change, batch to batch! DAs may get exclusive access to workshops and industry talks by our alumni and guest speakers.



Build a strong foundation of Machine Learning concepts by teaching & learning Machine Learning topics together with guidance from group mentors.



Kickstart your group project based on your interests - no hard restrictions! Be mentored by our experienced seniors who bring experiences/ resources to the table.


SDA Involvement

Be a Senior Data Associate and gain mentorship opportunities for junior batch of DAs. Additionally, you will have many other avenue for involvement, such as potential project and hackathons.


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  • Beyond DAP,

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DAP is targeted at people who are more familiar with coding. The entrance test will be a python challenge hosted on Hackerrank. The recruitment period usually starts during the recess week of Sem 1, but this batch of DAs will officially start their DA journey in Sem 2.

DAFTP (Data Associate Fast Track Programme) is catered to an audience who is as familiar with coding. For the entrance challenge, they are given the option of choosing between a coding challenge or a business insight challenge. The recruitment period is in May, after which the recruited batch of DAs are provided training by the Curriculum team during June and July. The DAs must also finish Datacamp track for Data Science in Python to get more familiar with coding before Sem 1 begins. Then, when the semester begins, the DAs embark on their projects from week 1 to week 8, while also conducting some research sharing sessions.


Application is now open!

Be sure to complete both the registration form and coding challenge for a valid sign up:

Application Form | HackerRank Coding Challenge

Good luck, data enthusiasts! We hope to see you journey into data analytics with us.

For more information, check out DAP 2021 Info Deck!


What kind of projects can I work on as a DA?

DAs can form teams of 2-3 to work on either a project recommended by your mentors, or initiate your own projects. That means, you can work on almost any project – as long as your mentors give the greenlight!
Examples of past projects have explored everything from flight delay patterns, BOSS Bidding predictions and politics in Singapore to pun detection and Spotify visualisations. But new DAs don’t have to follow the same projects!

How much does this programme cost?

This particular programme is 100% free of charge!


However, all Data Associates must become members of SMUBIA. The cost of a lifetime membership is $15.

I’m a Post-Graduate student. Can I still take part in this programme?

Unfortunately, for the Oct 2020 recruitment, we only accept undergraduate student.